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The best Solution to present your Products & Services

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Make the Difference by showing the Difference
Our embedded SC Player technology is the best solution to show the added value of your software products and services and provide your customers with a sense of total transparency.
Stand out from your Competitors
Thanks to ShotCompare, you're not just another unremarkable face in the crowd. The cloud-based SC Player adds value to your web presence.
Attract Customers with new Technology
SC Player attracts customers and makes your product an interactive experience. Reach new customers, generate more revenue and achieve your goals.

Your Benefits

Most Advanced Technology
Our technology partners are the first to be able to use the new advanced technology of ShotCompare to present and showcase their products on their websites. This gives you a great advantage to reach the customers.
Industry-Wide Rise in Interest
The use of ShotCompare and the announcement in our partner, community and social media networks raises the interest with customers, target groups and the industry. We offer additional marketing such as co-branding, cross-promotion, campaign and network collaborations, content productions, etc.

Our Services

ShotCompare customer care
You will get a user account to upload your videos and receive embed codes. The SC Customer Care offers video quality control and embedding support on your websites.
Customizable Player Design
he design of ShotCompare Player is flexible and can be customized to your needs. Such as responsiveness, video resolution, slider visibility & brightness, audio on/off, edit titles, title brightness & size, autoplay on/off and more.
Shotcompare cloud
Via cloud all SC Players automatically receive new features as they become available, without the need for any software installation.
You Need More
We offer additional services such as content production and post-production, digital marketing, co-branding, cross-promotion, campaign and network cooperation.

SCP Features

Embeddable in websites via iframe
Synchronous playback of 2 videos
Visualization of differences
Before/After function
Side By Side function
Fullscreen view
Subsequent exchange of videos
Customizable player design
Automatically up to date
Supported by latest browsers*
* Firefox (v100), Chrome (v101), Safari (v15), Opera (v86), Edge (v101), functionality limited on IOS mobile devices

SCP Pricing

SC Player per unit or bundle
Prices on request
You can bundle up to three players into one slideshow.
Available Website Templates with Integrated Players
Additional options available on request