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Welcome To ShotCompare

ShotCompare is in beta test and can be used temporarily for free.

ShotCompare is an online video comparison platform that shows the differences of two videos. It works on any internet browser without the need to install any software or plugin. You can upload your videos and compare them instantly. You can share and present your videos by inviting your clients. Your clients can easily see the difference, as if they were sitting next to you in the studio. So they can review much better and give feedback with more understanding. ShotCompare – made by professionals for professionals to demonstrate the power of their products and services.

SC-Player Preview

Come and experience how it works

SC-Player Features

Playback of 2 videos in 1 single player
Professional video comparison
Visualizations of differences
Subsequent exchange of videos
Works with latest browsers *
No software installation required
Automatically up to date
Before/After function
Side by side function
Fullscreen view
Loop function
Synchronous playback

* Firefox (v100), Chrome (v101), Safari (v15), Opera (v86), Edge (v101), functionality limited on IOS mobile devices

The Makers About ShotCompare

ShotCompare Blog

How ShotCompare can help to save money

How ShotCompare can help to save money

ShotCompare shows the differences of two videos – and this can be used as a fact, like a proof to tell someone: “You see, this is what we got –…

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