Make it easier for clients

Make it easier for clients

Here is an example from a user of how Shotcompare facilitates communication with the client.

„For this project, we used shotcompare to show the client sample of the grading while we are working.

The result was amazing because the client just clicked a link and managed to watch both before and after at the same time.

In old days, i used to send the client two files via wetransfer , the client has to download the files on his mobile/pc , open each file separately and remmber how before grading looks like then watch after grading to see the difference. 

All these processes are time – and storage consuming.

Many clinets, not big fans, of downloading media files on their mobile, so many used to ignore watching what we send and just get the final job, then ask for changing!..

Shotcomare solved all of this hassle!..

Here’s the RTL feedback:

“Colors are crisp but I think on point. Not unnatural and the faces look good too, thank you.”

Love, Bianca

Just send a link via any messaging app. Immediately, the client can watch what i want him to watch, and he can forward the same link to other members of his team..

No more fwd emails of Wetransfer, which usually expires within a week and fill inbox without use for long time!

Thank you ShotCompare

Ayman Newashi , Senior Colorist by The Color Grading Company“

We would like to thank you for the great feedback and hope you enjoy using ShotCompare.

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