How ShotCompare can help to save money

How ShotCompare can help to save money

ShotCompare shows the differences of two videos – and this can be used as a fact, like a proof to tell someone: “You see, this is what we got – and is what we made of it.” No need to convince somebody with words, just upload & show.

We just had a case where we made an estimate based on some material samples at the start of production. After accepting the job, the first shipments came in. Here it became apparent that the material required more restoration work than was previously apparent.

We had the duty to show how much effort we put in to restore the material. So we loaded some examples in the before-after comparison on ShotCompare and demonstrated them to the customer via link. Our customer was able to look at the comparison on his own and gained understanding. In our case, ShotCompare helped us to obtain an expense allowance of four thousand euros. This would not have been so uncomplicated without ShotCompare.

We were also able to take advantage of another special feature. After sending the videos, they can be exchanged again and we were able to update them against versions with improved export settings without having to send a new invitation.

ShotCompare is a platform that objectively shows the differences and is therefore recognized as a objective video comparison technique. We are very satisfied and will continue to use it.

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