The way to ShotCompare

The way to ShotCompare

After testing the prototype of the Before/After Player on our homepage, it quickly became clear that there was a long way to go in development. A practical use was not possible. All things one was used to from a standard player, like the playbar, display, layout, responsivity etc. had to be programmed first. Because two videos now have to be controlled instead of just one and all within the limitations of HTML5. But step by step the stones were rolled out and the player took shape and form. In the meantime I continued to work as a colorist and often received inquiries regarding color grading as how the customers material might look like.  That’s when I realized that the Before/After Player would not only do a great job for the homepage, but that the player itself would be a useful and valuable tool for all kinds of demonstrations. If we were able to extend the functionality to load the videos ourselves, we would have a flexible demonstrator – not only practical for us – but for everyone. That’s how the idea was born to turn the Before/After Player into a platform where everyone can upload, compare and share their own videos: ShotCompare

The photo (20/07/2020) is from the design phase. All registered beta users are the first to see the current state. And all beta users can use the benefits and possibilities of ShotCompare for their own work. Subscribe to the newsletter and don’t miss when it starts.

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