How it all began

How it all began

What better way to demonstrate the added value of your work than by comparing before and after?

Hello, my name is Thomas Poerschke, founder of The Color Grading Company and maker of ShotCompare. As a colorist, I’ve always found it amazing how far the journey from before to after can go and what worlds lie in between. It’s not uncommon for the differences to be so great that no one believes how bad the source material was until they’ve seen it with their own eyes. That’s why these examples are relevant as a demonstration of one’s skills and one would like to show them or keep them to prepare them sometime in a showreel, for which one usually finds neither time nor peace. And showreels are not interactive either; no one gets an amazed facial expression anymore.

That’s why we wanted a video player for the new homepage that can switch back and forth between two different videos. The two videos should run completely synchronous to each other during playback and the switching process from one video to the other must work without any interruption. That’s the only way to get that magic moment. One by one, developers said, “Impossible.” until my partner Uwe hooked a developer named Jitendra who was daring enough to take it on. After several Player constructions by Jitendra were rejected as insufficient and my fixed budget was used up, I was about to quit. However, Uwe continued to firmly believe in it and in order to reduce the costs, he took himself out of the equation and established a direct contact between me and Jitendra who thought day and night and did not pursue any other work than cracking this nut. Thanks to Uwe’s and Jitendra’s unselfish sacrifice, great faith and perseverance, development continued and after months of failed attempts, the first working prototype saw the light of day (photo).

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2 thoughts on “How it all began

  1. Uwe

    In the beginning there is always the idea. With a firm belief in success, we have created a new product.

  2. Jitendra

    The challenge was very big and it was really hard but not impossible as most said.

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