What Is ShotCompare

What Is ShotCompare

Watch this video to understand what ShotCompare is all about.

• ShotCompare is a video comparison tool that shows the differences of two videos.
• It works on latest internet browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge, etc.
• There is no need to install any software or plugin.
• You can upload your videos and compare them instantly.

First upload the Before and After video.
Then compare them to see the differences and similarities.
Now share the video comparison to showcase your work.

An email with the video-comparison can be sent with an invitation link. The link can be checked directly. Now the recipients can see the difference with their own eyes, as if they were in your studio. So they can review much better and give feedback with more understanding.

1 thought on “What Is ShotCompare

  1. Fabian Lenzen

    “If only you could see with your eyes, what I can see with mine.”- This describes perfectly what I felt most of the times while delivering a finished project back to my client.
    I always wanted a simple tool like this, so I could visually express and communicate my work. Beneficially without dealing with inaccuration between the footage my client thought he delivered and what he actually delivered.
    And for me, as a colorist, having this extra step of self monitoring packed in this minimalistic form, turned out to be a very efficient way of a last double check.

    I’m really looking forward to further amaze lots of future clients with this player!

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